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Service conditions of filter screen

2020-07-10 author:Xinxiang No.1 Vibration Machinery Factory Co., Ltd     浏览:
Service conditions of filter screen:

1. The altitude is not more than 1000 meters

2. Ambient temperature: - 5-40 ℃

3. Relative temperature not exceeding 90% (below 20 ℃)

4. The surrounding medium is free of conductive dust and gases that can corrode and destroy the insulation.

Use and maintenance:

1. The voltage of 220 V / 220 V is placed on the test bench before connecting the power supply.

2. The screen machine can adjust and lock the screw of pressing screen frame according to the required level; it can be used after hanging the lock of screen frame.

3. After each use to remove dust, pay attention to moisture, regularly inject lithium grease into the motor bearing.

Check before work every day

Whether the bolts of each part are locked and the spring washer is used to prevent loosing; whether there is abnormal noise at any time during the work; whether the parts of the fuselage are damaged due to vibration; clean the equipment after use. The vertical vibration motor should be well lubricated during operation. No. 3 lithium grease should be supplemented every two weeks or so. When refueling, the protective cover should be removed first, through the oil cup or remove the bearing cover, and add an appropriate amount of lithium base grease. After 1500 hours of operation, the bearing should be checked and replaced immediately if there is serious damage.

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