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Seven main differences between circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen

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Seven main differences between circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen

Difference 1. Different trajectory

The material on the linear screen moves forward in a straight line, while the material on the circular vibrating screen moves in a circle.

Difference 2. Vibration exciter is different

The vibration exciter of linear vibrating screen is composed of two shafts, which works on the principle of vibration motor excitation, so it is also called double shaft vibrating screen.

Circular vibrating screen is also called single shaft vibrating screen because its exciter is the root shaft and uses inertial motor to work.

Difference 3. Plugging phenomenon is different

The material of the linear vibrating screen moves smoothly on the screen surface. If the feeding is uneven or the humidity viscosity of the material is large, it is easy to block the hole.

The material in the circular vibrating screen moves in a parabola circular path on the screen surface, which makes the material disperse as much as possible, so as to improve the bounce force of the material, and the material stuck in the screen hole can also jump out, reducing the blocking phenomenon.

Difference 4. Installation angle is different

*Generally speaking, the inclination angle of the screen surface is small and the height of the screen is reduced, which is convenient for process layout.

The circular vibrating screen usually has a 15-20 degree inclination angle, which can change the velocity of material along the screen surface and improve the screening efficiency.

Difference 5. Different materials

The linear vibrating screen is mainly made of light plate or stainless steel plate.

The material selection of circular vibrating screen is relatively thick, and the box body is made of manganese steel, which can resist the impact force of materials in the screening process.

Difference 6. Different shape and structure

Linear vibrating screen can adopt fully closed structure, no dust spillage, more conducive to environmental protection.

The vibration exciter of the circular vibrating screen is arranged above the center of gravity of the screen box, which is conducive to the rapid dispersion of materials, and its processing capacity per unit time is higher than that of the linear vibrating screen.

Differences 7. Different fields of application

Linear screen is mainly used in food, chemical, building materials and pharmaceutical industries for screening fine particles, light specific gravity and low hardness materials, mainly dry powder, fine particles or micro powder materials.

Circular vibrating screen is mainly used for screening materials with large ratio, large particle size and high hardness, which is widely used in mines, coal mines, quarries and other mining industries. In addition, * some difficult to screen materials can also use circular vibrating screen.
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