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Basic structure of rotary vibrating screen

2020-07-10 author:Xinxiang No.1 Vibration Machinery Factory Co., Ltd     浏览:
The rotary vibrating screen is composed of screen cover, screen frame, vibration motor (vibration source), vibration isolation spring and base

(1) Sieve cover

The screen cover is composed of a feed inlet and an inclined cone, and its lower end is connected with the screen frame. The screen cover and screen frame are connected by a snap ring (or with a flange), and a sealing gasket is arranged between the screen cover and the screen frame.

(2) Sieve frame

The screen frame is made of steel plate (aluminum plate or stainless steel plate) by welding. The upper and lower ends of the screen frame are provided with * bearing rings, and the inner part of the lower end is provided with a * flange ring, which is used to fix the screen, the net pressing ring, the rubber ball supporting plate and the rubber ball supporting plate

There are two convex steel plate circles to separate the supporting plate into three layers: inner layer, middle layer and outer layer. Holes are drilled on the supporting plate. Rubber balls are installed between the screen screen and the rubber ball supporting plate. In the vibration process, the rubber ball hits the screen to prevent

The screen is blocked. The pressure net ring, screen, rubber ball supporting plate and learning funnel are fixed with the screen frame flange with bolts, nuts and washers.

(3) Vibration source

The vibration source is composed of vertical vibration motor, motor frame bracket and vibration transmission body. The vertical vibration motor is installed on the frame support, which is connected with the vibration transmission body with bolts. The vibration transmission body and the base are connected by the vibration isolation spring

。 The vibration transmission body is connected with the screen frame with a snap ring (the screen cover, screen frame and vibration transmission body can also be fixed at * with bolts)

(4) Vibration isolation spring

The vibration isolation spring is composed of spring, spring support (steel cylinder * end has internal thread), screw and spring washer.

(5) Base

The base is welded by steel plate. There are * access doors and electrical switch bases on the base wall. A * ring flange is welded on the upper part of the base wall, which is adjacent to the vibration isolation spring for the vibration transmission body.
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