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Can vibration mill wet mill

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Application range of vibration mill

ZM series vibration mill can grind a variety of materials, and the finished products can be processed from medium size (0.3mm) to fine-grained (0.074mm). It has high production capacity and good grinding performance. The materials for vibration and grinding are feldspar, magnesium, manganese, etc., and the grinding effect of graphite and its materials can be the ideal equipment at home and abroad.

Structure of 2zm vibration mill

1. According to the number of cylinders, there are: single drum mill, double drum mill and three drum mill. The double barrel mill is widely used.

2. According to the types of grinding media: vibrating rod mill, vibration ball mill.

3. According to the in and out types are: single in and single out, double in and double out, double in and four out.

The single in and single out mode is in series. After the end of the vibration grinding of the * cylinder, the grinding material enters into the second cylinder to continue to be vibrated and grinded. This form is suitable for hard materials and fine particle size of finished products.

Double in and double out means parallel connection. The two cylinders are fed and discharged respectively. Compared with the series form, the distance and time of the material in the cylinder are reduced by half, and the grinding effect of the material is weakened, and the processing capacity of the machine is improved. It is suitable for the processing of non hard materials and non fine particles.

Double in and four out is the middle feeding form. Two vibrating grinding cylinders are fed from the middle, and each cylinder is discharged from both ends. Compared with the parallel mode, the distance of the material in the cylinder is reduced by half and the vibration grinding time is shorter. This method is suitable for the production of high productivity and coarse-grained materials.

The methods mentioned above are feeding and discharging at the same time. If it is necessary to obtain ultra-fine particles, the outlet of the cylinder can be blocked, so that the materials can be grinded in the vibration mill barrel for several hours or even longer, and the ultra-fine materials can be obtained by screening. At this time, the productivity is low.
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