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  • 【Description】: 1、 Overview of vibration mill2zm series vibration mill is a new type of energy-saving grinding equipment. It has obvious advantages over the traditional rotary mill in grinding fine powder and superfine powder material. The machine has the advantage...
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Product introduction
1、 Overview of vibration mill

2zm series vibration mill is a new type of energy-saving grinding equipment. It has obvious advantages over the traditional rotary mill in grinding fine powder and superfine powder material. The machine has the advantages of high vibration intensity, high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, low noise, compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance. The machine can be widely used in mineral processing, building materials, grinding materials, powder metallurgy, power, ceramics, refractory, magnetic materials, chemical industry, food and other industries. It is an ideal replacement product of ball mill.

2、 Structure and working principle of vibration mill

The machine is mainly composed of underframe, body support, sound insulation cover, body, grinding cylinder, vibration exciter, lining plate, elastic support, worn-out medium and driving motor.

1. The chassis supports the body by elastic support, and keeps the flexible connection distance between the driving motor and the vibration body unchanged;

2. The acoustic enclosure is used to block the noise generated by the mill during operation, so as to reduce the impact of noise on the whole working area

3. A grinding barrel is fixed on the machine body and is equipped with a vibration exciter;

4. The grinding barrel is the working body of the grinding mill, which is used to contain the grinding medium and abrasive;

5. The vibration exciter is used to convert the rotational torque of the motor into the periodic vibration of the mill;

6. The lining plate is close to the inner wall of the grinding cylinder to protect the grinding cylinder. When the material is vibrated and grinded in the grinding cylinder, the inner wall of the grinding cylinder is also greatly worn. The lining plate which is easy to replace is installed in the grinding cylinder, which can improve the service life of the whole machine;

7. The elastic support makes the mill body in an elastic state, and basically insulates the vibration impact on the base when the machine body vibrates;

8. The grinding medium is the grinding body of the mill, which is used for impact grinding of materials;

9. Drive motor to provide energy for grinding mill.

When the power supply is turned on, the driving motor drives the exciter to rotate through the flexible coupling to generate enough exciting force to make the mill body enter the circular periodic vibration state. The swing impulse force is continuously transmitted to all the materials loaded in the mill barrel (i.e. the medium and the grinding material), and the grinding material is crushed and refined by breaking the mutual impact between the grinding medium and the grinding material.

3、 Installation and adjustment of vibration mill

The motor bracket of the machine is connected to the underframe with bolts. When installing, after leveling the frame, place the mill body part on the elastic support, straighten the motor shaft and the machine spindle (vibration exciter shaft) on the same central line, and then connect the flexible coupling.

Before starting the machine, the following work must be done

1. If the worn-out medium is filled, it is not allowed to start the machine if it is not equipped with worn-out medium, so as to prevent the flying accident caused by the light weight of the machine;

2. Connect the circulating water for cooling. The circulating water has two functions: one is to reduce the temperature of the bearing when it is running to protect the bearing; the other is to add circulating water in the outer sleeve to absorb the heat generated by the vibration and grinding in the barrel for materials that can not withstand high temperature of vibration and grinding;

3. Install sound insulation cover to reduce the influence of machine noise on working area;

4. In case of special electric equipment cabinet 2, it is recommended to reduce the power of the motor when it is required to start;

5. If continuous automatic feeding and discharging are needed, our factory can configure automatic feeding and discharging devices for users;

6. According to the different materials, the required intensity of the vibration mill is also different. Therefore, the auxiliary eccentric block can be increased or decreased. When large exciting force is needed, the auxiliary eccentric block can be bolted to the eccentric device, otherwise, the auxiliary eccentric block can be removed.

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